Carthographic Exercises
BNSL with Pablo Torres
XR installation

sand, copper tubes, metal grid, rocks, screen, stand, alexa device, walimex lights
Cartographic Exercises is an Extended Reality installation that explores what Jussi Parikka called Media Archeology, unearthing the material entanglements of Amazon’s Echo / Alexa AI system as a stand-in for technological devices of all kinds.
In reference to Kate Crawford’s and Vladan Joler’s Anatomy of an AI System (2018), the installation presents a partial abstraction of the supply chain and production processes of the Amazon Echo, imploding a vast network, in which human labor, data, planetary resources and technical infrastructures come together to form a global, interdependent system, into a multi-sensory installation.
In this way, Cartographic Exercises in an exploration of the potential of what could be dynamic and interactive cartographies as well as the possibilities of both physical installation and mixed reality towards explorative engagement with planetary-scale networks and entanglements.

Carthographic Exercises was first shown at the D&C Studioausstellung 2021 Virtualities & Worldbuilding as well as at Sympoetic Sites exhibition 2022, Galerie im Medienhaus, UdK Berlin